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Renowned for a poetic balance of shadow and light, the collections for women and men evoke a serene and romantic universe nuanced with a rock spirit. Masculine and feminine elements are woven throughout each collection, as signature silhouettes fuse languid tailoring in noble fabrics with sensual asymmetries and the twist of sheer and opaque textiles. Entwined with classicism and the radical touch of music and contemporary art, each design captures strength and sensitivity in equal parts. 


A Tentative Atelier based in between Hong Kong/United Kingdom. The collection is shown in Paris fashion week. They aim to explore artistic handicraft elements and innovative forms and silhouettes on garments. 

The collection evolves a contemporary sense of luxury and each piece of clothing has its own identity. Creating a unisex, timeless look that is defining the coexistent generation for both masculine and feminine wardrobes. Consists of natural fabrics such as leather, silk, and linen, to maintain its raw quality. 

M_MORIABC by maurizio altieri

M_MORIABC names a threefold collection of thirty-three shoe_objects, with three species a_b_c_ of eleven pieces each.

The shoe_object is the product proof of a principle: That a shape may be made without compromise to human need or to cultural habit. That extraneous decoration and ornament without organic or structural necessity can be identi ed and excluded as a matter of process. That the natural accumulation of experience which reveals itself in the distortion of structure, the de ection of shape, the plasticity of leather and of other materials can be taken in charge alongside the hand of the maker. It is hoping not to be worn, nor to be walked in, but to propound — in de ance of that heavy yoke of the material — the purity of an idea: One piece of leather, no stitch but to close the opening. A wooden last, shaped in the manner of leather. Years of love to ght with the monster. A foot like an egg. A shoe for the sake of a shoe.

The organization of the project is as a matrix divided into three species. The species a_ having the symbol of the circle, and the elementary material of wood. The species b_ having the symbol of the square, and the elementary material of iron. And the species c_ having the symbol of the triangle, and the elementary material of aluminum. Each of the species a_b_c_ travels in and is displayed in a dedicated chariot shaped according to its symbol and built in its elementary element. 

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