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A collection of experimental and innovative fashion by avant-garde designers. Based in London.

Real progress can only be made through failure and who wishes to advance must be prepared to fail. Some of the most important artistic and cultural achievements have been made through avant-garde. Our philosophy is to gather the most innovative avant-garde designers on our platform.

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Ann Demeulemeester AW18-19

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About Rigards

From natural horn to sterling silver, RIGARDS frames have forged an instantly recognizable style that combines offbeat aesthetics with a quiet elegance, much of which pertains to our spirited craftsmanship and unique use of traditional materials. No less compelling are the signature finishes, imparting nuance and character to the frames and creating a distinctive bespoke element.

Nominated for the best sunglasses during Silmo d’Or 2017, we are drawn to aesthetics that are not considered conventionally beautiful. Our designs are influenced by the incredible textures and patterns formed by mother nature.

The emphasis is on handmade craftsmanship applied to simple products using natural materials. The designs are original and nonconformist, intended for discerning individuals who appreciate ingenuity and independent spirit.

Every pair of frames is handcrafted with tremendous attention using time-honored methods of production and hand-finished with signature surface treatments, combining virtues of the past with modern sensibility.

Both european and asian fits are offered to provide maximum comfort for different face shapes.

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 A Tentative Atelier AW18

A Tentative Atelier AW18

A Tentative Atelier

was established as a design team earlier in 2012. The label aims to explore artistic handicraft elements and innovative forms and silhouettes on garments. 

The label does not only focus on fashion, it is a platform to encourage and sustain the spirit and tradition in craftsmanship. The team is privileged to be supported by professional tailors and machinists with over 40 years experience in the garment industry, and particularly they are the last generation of Shanghai Artisans.

Each collection portrays a contemporary sense of luxury and each piece of clothing has its own identity. Creating a unisex, timeless look that is defining the coexistent generation for both masculine and feminine wardrobes. Consists of natural fabrics such as leather, silk, and linen, to maintain its raw quality. Yet contrast alternatives of synthetic materials and metals are involved to be balanced as enhancements.

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“ The firm Scunzani Ivo, was born in 1971 from Scunzani Ivo and Salardi Mirca.Working for Armani, Pierre Cardin, Moschino and others, during the years ’80 / ’90, comes refined and discovered technical of workmanship of the animal skins, reaching excellent qualitative levels.

Since eight years, it is added in the permanent staff, Marcello Scunzani, and this support made research in the materials both leathers and buckles, and also in the “wildest assemblage technique ”.